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Devotional 3


If you work all day in noise levels 85 decibels (dB) or higher, you’re going to experience hearing loss. How loud is 85 decibels?   

Smarter Students

Students at Montana’s Whitefish Central School are calmer, more respectful, and smarter thanks to a change in their diet.

The Cold Hard Facts

We get more colds in winter than summer—not because it’s colder or wetter, but because we spend more time indoors where viruses are easier to swap.

Ladies, Move It!

Participants at a recent International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Cancer in Washington, D.C., heralded some good news in the fight against cancer.

Sleep On It

Got a problem? Go to bed. Researchers recruited 66 people to discover if sleep spurred creative problem solving.

Olive Oil and You

The magic charm of the Mediterranean draws million of visitors each year. Part of the attraction is the delicious food served in the region.

Anyone for Mushrooms?

Mushrooms have been very popular for many centuries. They have been used both as food and for medicinal purposes.

Its Gotta Be Brisk

You can get fit by walking. But it needs to be “determined,” or brisk walking. What’s brisk?

Down but Not Out

Approximately four out of every five newly disabled older people regain the ability to live independently within six months of their disability episode––a higher recovery rate than previously reported.

Flu Season

I've always believed that the best defense to seasonal colds and the flu is a good offense. It's the daily steps that we take before flu season arrives that give us our best chances for fighting off or lowering the severity of colds and flu.