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Devotional 2

Redeeming the Years

As I send another baby gift to one of my children’s friends, I am amazed that we are now entering this phase of life. I am not yet a member of some of my generation’s elite club known as Grandparents.

Green-Eyed Monsters

Looking back on my childhood, I now realize I was a somewhat mischievous kid. During the summer months especially, “our gang” of neighborhood children would circle around on our bikes playing “doorbell ditch.”

Children Do Listen

If you have been a parent for any length of time you know that kids will make you look bad every time. Whether it is the baby proving you wrong when you say, “Come look! She just rolled over!”

The Porch Cover

The cover over the front porch is ugly! Why did we spend hard earned money to have it built? These thoughts tumbled through my mind as I looked back at the house on my morning walk.


The summer following my 10th birthday, our family made its first and only trek to Disneyland. We lived up north in Stockton, California, and in those days one had to travel Highway 99 to get to L.A.

Her Perfect Skin

She was born with perfect skin into an imperfect world. I remember her peach-soft, Milky, white skin on Birth Day. Little arms that reached out for hugs,arms that slid through tiny shirts and lacy dresses.

Your Treasure

Materialism. It seems that most of us at one point or another are consumed with wanting the newest gadget, the hippest clothing, or the fanciest car.