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Devotional 2

Laundry Days

I know what you are thinking. How could laundry ever be enjoyable? Yes, I have been there too. In fact, I used to dread doing the laundry. It was like a giant monster that grew larger every day.

Family Worship Times

Whether it’s morning or evening (or both, if possible) having a family time of worship to God is a blessing for everyone involved.

Budget Vacations

Want to get away and relax together but can’t afford a fancy vacation? By planning ahead and focusing on what’s most important to you about a vacation, families can enjoy quality experiences together.

Show Them Your Love

Ever feel like your love life, family life, and community life are in the doldrums? Here are some easy tips that will lift your spirits and show others you care:

Growing in Faith

Before my car accident this past December I loved to stay busy. I had a full time job plus I had a couple side jobs that I made some money on here and there.

Old Dogs Do Learn

I wasn’t a very strict Mom. I had my rules, but if my kids played their cards right, they could often find a way around me. I got so tired of asking my son to make his bed that I got him a sleeping bag.

Use Your Personality

When you look around at other people you notice that everyone has a different personality. One person may love to be the center of attention; that person talks a lot, enjoys other people...